Things To Do In Amsterdam That Promise Entertainment City

Amsterdam, which is popular for its wild parties, museums with impressive artefacts and canals where you can take your bike and take pleasant trips around, is one of the first European cities that comes to mind when it comes to freedom and entertainment. If you dream of exploring this fascinating city, but don’t know much about things to do in Amsterdam, you can get a few tips from this article.

1. Rent a bike and go everywhere

Things To Do In Amsterdam
You don’t need public transport to travel through Amsterdam. You can rent the bike that will be your companion by stopping by the bike rental shops you can see at almost every corner. So you can mingle with hundreds of cyclists walking the streets of the city and enjoy a free ride.

2. Take your beer and sit and watch people

If you want to see the everyday life of the city and the smiling faces of the people, you can sit in one of the various beer cafes and watch the surroundings. If you like to drink beer, don’t forget to take a few sips of your cold beer while watching this lovely image.

3. Go to Red Light District

Let your feet take you to the world-famous Red Light District as you stroll through the streets of the city. Behind the giant storefronts adorned with red lights, there are places like a sex shop and a strip club in this unusual neighborhood where you can see prostitutes waiting for their customers. Also note that photography is prohibited in the Red Light District.

4. Eat waffles

If you can’t help yourself to the smells of fine dining, the delectable Waffle scents emanating from the streets of Amsterdam can blow your mind. All you have to do is pick and order a waffle based on your own taste. Because waffles decorated with fresh fruits and delicious chocolates will be waiting for you.

5. Take a photo alongside the caption ‘ I am Amsterdam’ 

You can’t go to Amsterdam and not take a picture in front of those big letters that say “I am Amsterdam.” These letters, located next to the Rijksmuseum, are crowded around every hour of the day, so you may have to wait for a photo.

6. Visit the museums district

Things To Do In Amsterdam
This European city, home to many museums where art and historical pieces are displayed, is not only an attractive destination for sightseeing and entertainment, but also for cultural excursions. If your Amsterdam plans include museum visits, you should see the museums area, especially the Rijksmuseum.

7. Relax at the VondelPark

The VondelPark, a city park visited by more than 10 million people a year, is a green space where you can take a break to relax after a trip all day. Spread out on the grass here and enjoy the peace and fresh air.

8. See Dam Square

Things To Do In Amsterdam
Dam Square, once a fish market, is now the most popular and famous square in Amsterdam, and is popularly referred to as “Dam”. Dam Square, which has many historical buildings around it, is one of the city’s attractions.
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