Pattaya Entertainment Places – Touristic Places in Pattaya

Located 165 km from Bangkok, Pattaya, One of Thailand’s most important and most touristy cities, welcomes visitors from around the world with its colorful nightlife and diverse entertainment venues, nightclubs. Walking Street, the center of the city’s nightlife, is home to a variety of entertainment venues and nightclubs, including rock, pop, hard, striptease, gay bar, as well as famous seafood restaurants.

Pattaya’s most famous street closed to traffic in the evening, walking street, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, live music, neon lights, exotic girls is turning into a different world. You can enjoy the entertainment in the places you will see along The Walking Street, which spans half a kilometre.

Pattaya, famous for its endless nightlife in Asia, attracts millions of visitors every year, while its entertainment venues offer plenty of options for tourists. Pattaya nightlife is the most attractive aspect of Pattaya, with its entertainment centers including hundreds of bars, nightclubs and discos, as well as GoGo dancers, sexy bar girls and transsexuals.

1. Mixx Discotheque Pattaya

Pattaya Entertainment Places - Touristic Places in Pattaya

Located at the end of Walking street, Mixx Discotheque Pattaya is one of Pattaya’s most notable clubs with its sophisticated décor. The Mixx Discotheque, with its clientele of couples, locals and young Thais, offers two sections-Rouge Club and Crystal Palace-where entry is free. Mixx, a Modern and well-designed Club, offers a performance that wraps up quickly with its opening at 21.00 and becomes quite colourful after 23.00.

Opening Times: 21.00-02.00
Mixx Discotheque, Bali Hai Pier, Walking Street, Pattaya
+66 (0)3 825 0010

2. The Pier Disco Club Pattaya

With its Modern sound system and large LED screens, the Pier Disco Club Pattaya is a very high class venue not found anywhere in Pattaya with exquisite design. With its laser light, disco ball, smoke machine and almost blindingly bright facade, it’s a pretty pleasant venue where trance and house music is served by excellent local and international DJs. Enjoy the Pier Disco Club with its stylish and modern interior design.

Opening times: 19.30 – open late
190 Walking Street, South Pattaya
+66 (0) 81 177 7085

3. Lucifer Disko TK

Lucifer Disco TK, one of the oldest and most senior venues on Walking Street, is the best place for hip-hop lovers in Pattaya. The disco, both divided into two hell-themed sections, consists of the main area resembling the interior of a grisly cave and the bar where the bands perform live. At Lucifer, which is certainly one of the most popular, if not one of the biggest clubs on the street, entertainment is on the move after 23.00.

Opening times: 20.00 – open late
Across From Soi Diamond, Walking Street, South Pattaya
+66 (0) 81 175 6031

4. Candy Shop

The Candy Shop looks like a beach club from the outside, with palm trees, fountains and large soft chairs and sofas. But with a long middle bar, a small but busy dance floor and a great live event space for hip-hop and R&B starting at 21.00, the venue is one of Pattaya’s favourites. One of the older names on Walking Street, The Candy Shop, is particularly popular with Thais.

Opening times: 20.00 – open late
Walking Street, Pattaya
+66 (0) 80 000 0000

5. Marine Disco

Pattaya Entertainment Places - Touristic Places in Pattaya

Marine Disco, one of the most original nightclubs in Pattaya, has been an extremely popular address for Thais and tourists for decades on The Walking Street. The disco, which has been modernized with its bright LED screens on its facade and modern light and sound systems inside, has its most active time at 01.00 and stays that way until the early hours of the morning. Located close to Walking Street’s famous tree, the club is Pattaya’s most popular nightclub with local ‘ladyboys’.

Opening times: 20.00 – open late
114 Walking Street, South Pattaya

6. Gulliver’s Walking Street

The first bar you’ll come across when you enter walking street from Beach Road will be Gulliver’s Walking Street, the first or last stop for most nights, with its distinctive London Underground-style sign. Also known as the “Red Car Bar” due to the bright red Cadillac on the wall along the narrow street leading to the entrance, the venue features a pub-style design with pool tables and a long bar. The venue, featuring a small dance floor and a DJ scene where local talent showcases a good mix of hip-hop and R&B music, opens at 20.00.

Opening times: 20.00 – open late
89 Walking Street, South Pattaya
+66 (0) 3 871 1005

7. Club Insomnia Pattaya

Pattaya Entertainment Places - Touristic Places in Pattaya

Located on Walking Street, Insomnia Nightclub is Pattaya’s most bustling and often favoured by foreigners. Club Insomnia, which is very crowded on 7 nights a week with techno music, is the most visually stunning place in Pattaya with lasers spinning at the head of the crowd. The main club opens at 23.00, although the bar area downstairs opens at 21.00. After this time, the fun continues until the first light of the sun on the dance floor, which fills up rapidly.

Opening Times: Downstairs Bar 21.00-02.00, Club 23.00 – 04.00
Halfway down Walking Street
+66 (0) 38 711 322

8. LimaLima

LimaLima has a place in common with the Mixx Discotheque at the end of Bali Hai, located on Walking Street. One is famous for its hip-hop and R&B presentations, while the other venues feature modern, stylish spaces divided into two sections, house and EDM. While it doesn’t have as much popularity as Mixx has, featuring big names including Boy George, Bob Sinclar, Tiosto and Fedde Le Grand, LimaLima is actually the perfect place to party.

Opening times: 20.00 – open late
Under Mixx Discotheque, Bali Hai Plaza, Walking Street, South Pattaya
+66 (0) 83 983 8984

9. 808 Nightclub Pattaya

Pattaya Entertainment Places - Touristic Places in Pattaya

808 Nightclub Pattaya is one of the newest venues of the city’s nightlife. The 808 Nightclub Pattaya, which has become a major stop on any trip on The Walking Street, has earned the label “First Class Clubbing” for its size and easy-to-access central bar, accompanied by house of high-end domestic and foreign DJs. Located just to the left of the long-existing Candy Shop in Pattaya, the 808 not only attracts an energetic crowd but also hosts regular special events.

Opening Times: 20.00-02.00
Above Candyshop, Walking Street, South Pattaya
+66 (0)81 175 6031

10. Dclub Pattaya

Pattaya Entertainment Places - Touristic Places in Pattaya

Somewhat unusual in its design, Dclub Pattaya boasts the longest bar in Thailand at 18m long. The bar in question features hip-hop tracks by DJs to try beer, and sometimes special nights for trance, drum and bass shows. In any case, the atmosphere of Dclub is exquisite.

Opening times: 20.00 – open late
Soi Diamond, Walking Street, South Pattaya
+66 (0) 87 135 2840
Pattaya’s tourism industry offers tourists unlimited options to stay connected to the city and not to go. By combining the attractive Thai culture with its fun-filled atmosphere on the coast parts, it manages to attract more tourists than any other place in Thailand. Pattaya Beach, which is 3 km long along with Walking Street, is one of Pattaya’s most popular destinations.

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