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Pacific’s Favorite Bora Bora Islands

Located in the South Pacific, in French Polynesia, the French overseas territory, Bora Bora has a charming beauty with its postcard views. Too beautiful to be true in its extraordinary appearance, Bora Bora, a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, is on display among the best honeymoon routes in the world.

With its emerald-green forests, white-colored beaches, crystal clear sea, the island is one of the holiday destinations frequented by Hollywood stars.

Pacific’s Favorite Bora Bora Islands

The first of the Polynesian settlements was the 4th. Bora Bora, where he set foot in the century, is referred to by the name Pora Pora, which means ‘first birth’ in the Tahitian language. The arrival of Europeans on the island was in 1722. Explorer James Cook visited the island in 1777. The island, where British Protestants founded the church in 1822, has been French territory since 1842.
The highest point of Bora Bora Island, where two volcanic volcanoes named Pahia and Otemani are located, is 727 meters. The island has the title of the first settlement in French Polynesia where bungalow facilities were established on the sea.
The island, which is one of the favorite routes of cruise and honeymoon tours today, shines like Emerald in a turquoise color. Bora Bora is a tropical region. However, there are no natural disasters such as monsoon rains, tornadoes and tornadoes. It’s pretty safe, pretty tempting for the holidays.
English, French being the main language, is also widely used on the island. The central Pacific Franc is used as currency on the island. A Schengen visa is not valid on the island, it is necessary to obtain an island visa from the French Embassy.

How to get to Bora Bora?

Transportation to Bora Bora from Turkey is very difficult. You need to use long-running multi-transfer flights. To get to Bora Bora Island, you first have to reach Tahiti Faaa International Airport in Papeete, the capital of Tahiti.
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