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10 Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, is one of the most developed and most tourist-welcoming cities on the African continent. With a long-established historical background, Cape Town impresses its visitors with its magnificent nature, museums, 24-hour bustling streets, beaches and impressive waterfront views.

10 Things To Do In Cape Town

1. Mountain Climbing

10 Things To Do In Cape Town
With many mountains and hills, one of the most important tourist activities in Cape Town is mountain climbing. Many hidden landscapes can be witnessed when trying to reach the peaks. There are different routes for everyone and even a cable car. A few examples of these climbs are Table Mountain, which has many unique views, and Lion’s Head, which can be seen from the top of Cape Town.

2. Beaches

Cape Town’s impressive coastline is frequented by both local people and tourists. The various beaches, each of which is next to a residential area, can have many places to spend time, such as nightlife, restaurants, cafes. For those who do not prefer to sit, there are many activities such as sunbathing, fishing, swimming, surfing, horse riding.

3. Wine Tasting

10 Things To Do In Cape Town
Cape Town has a world-renowned reputation for its wine vineyards. If you really want to taste the wines, you should take a tasting tour.

4. Wildlife Parks

Although South Africa has destroyed the dreams of travellers who think they can see zebras, lions and giraffes on the roads, Cape Town offers the opportunity to experience wildlife through its private parks. Many private tours allow visitors to spend a day intertwined with nature.

5. Whale Watching

The ocean not only impresses visitors with its views but also with the life it has in it. It’s easy to get a chance to watch whales, the largest sea creature in Cape Town. Whether you can take a tour and have a close-up view by boat, or you can sit in familiar spots and watch the whales pass.

6. Dives

10 Things To Do In Cape Town
Diving is a big part of South African Tourism and can witness the unique and ethylist life of both the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Although scuba diving is recommended for those who will experience it for the first time, Cape Town is one of the best places for adventure lovers to dive with sharks.

7. City Tours

If an inner-city tour is more interesting than an ocean tour, a look at Cape Town’s city tours should be taken. The city’s must-see places can be visited tirelessly by jumping on the red tourist buses that are available almost all over the world. For those interested in South Africa’s cultural past, they can reach many tours and museums, such as Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela remains in prison.

8. Shopping

As everywhere else, there are plenty of opportunities to spend money in Cape Town. If you want an affordable and discount shopping, you can visit the Access Park where the factory stores are located and the shopping centre at the V&A Waterfront for more luxurious shopping. For those looking for something different and more creative, there are many shopping stands in Cape Town, large and small.

9. Braai

Things To Do In Cape Town

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a restaurant, a hotel, or a house. Braai (barbecue), which South Africans really know how to do, is definitely one of the things that needs to be tried. There are many open spaces in Cape Town where braai can be made for public socialization.
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