Top 10 Tourist Events That Can Be Done In Miami

With its spectacular beaches, world-famous nightlife, endless shopping spree, Miami is the most popular holiday destination in the United States.

From The Art Deco buildings on Miami Beach to the colourful houses of Little Havana, incredible beauty and variety await you.

Things To Do In Miami

1. Ocean Drive

Things To Do In Miami

There is a famous road, also known as the A1A, that passes through South Florida. This road runs almost all over Miami, and it’s called The Ocean Road. You can see plenty of people in swimsuits and bikinis around, crazy nightlife, white sandy beach and people on skates. Since the Ocean Road is completely covered with trees, you can walk from beginning to end and come back. Even on the hottest Miami Day, this place manages to stay relatively cool.

2. Art Deco Place

During the 1930s, Miami Beach enjoyed considerable growth. As a result, a large number of Art Deco architecture began to appear in the city. All the buildings in the area have been protected, and its interior design reflects all the livelihoods of history. There are more than 800 examples of Art Deco architecture, even on the South Beach alone. There are also guided tours but you can also go and see many places on your own.

3. Wynwood Walls

If you love art, you should see the amazing Wynwood Walls. This is an incredible open-air exhibition of massive street art. More than 50 artists from all over the world have come to Miami and come together to create these amazing works is a huge event in itself. You can walk to the six main buildings and witness for yourself how these buildings turn from an empty warehouse into a canvas and then into a work of art. The murals are constantly changing and the whole area is reserved for pedestrians. You can also see beautiful images by car, but we strongly recommend walking.

4. Villa Vizcaya

Things To Do In Miami

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, also known as Villa Vizcaya, looks like it was taken from Europe and put here. It is located on the banks of the Bay of Biscayne and is an Italian Renaissance work dating back to the 1920s. The main building was once privately owned and is now a museum displaying more than 70 pieces of European art and antiquities. Its garden has magnificent greenery, flower beds and wonderful pruned trees. It is also a great place for special occasions such as marriage.

5. Miami Beach Hiking Trail

This walkway has perhaps the best route to get around all of Miami. It’s three miles long and never gets far from the main areas of Miami. Starting at Indian Beach Park, it heads south and extends all the way to South Beach. It can be very crowded and it never loses its vitality. He is always energetic and always has a magnificent view. Early in the morning you can see runners and cyclists starting the day with sport.

6. Little Havana

Things To Do In Miami

If you can’t go to Cuba, the closest you can get to its cuisine, its music, its culture is Little Havana. The main artery of this unique region of Miami is 8. The street is also called Calle Ocho. As soon as you enter, you’ll notice the Spanish language, and when you look around, you’ll see Cuban goods sold all over the street. Tower Theater is an art Deco cinema with Spanish subtitles. If you’re wondering what a Cuban dessert would be like, we strongly recommend Azucar Ice Cream Company, especially guava sorbet.

7. Lummus Park Beach

Things To Do In Miami

Lummus Park, Miami’s famous South Beach, is right in the heart of the action. The fact that he was looking at the Atlantic Ocean caused him to appear in numerous films, series and music clips. There is a walking path right next to the beach, but you can also enjoy the icy waters of the Atlantic by walking the entire beach from the beach. Lummus Park is a very nice place to start and finish events in Miami. Steps away from all bars, restaurants and Art Deco architecture buildings.

8. Crandon Park

Crandon Park, which you can find in the northern section of Key Biscayne, is a gorgeous beach that is beautiful enough to offer people something from almost any wire. The two-mile-Long Beach is clearly one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. Moreover, you have the chance to see a lot of ecosystems in the region. Completely within Crandon Park, there are even sand dunes in the area and you can take long walks there. There is also a marina where you can visit tennis, golf and even boats.

9. Bayfront Park

Things To Do In Miami

Bayfront Park is a lush park located right in the center of Miami. Because it shares the same water boundaries as Biscayne Bay, it also has a great hiking area alongside the azure waters. Bayfront Park also hosts many events and demonstrations. If you’re lucky, you might come across a big evening concert or a yoga class. And if you want to try something new, Bayfront Park also has a high school, which means you can really learn all the tricks you can do on a rope.

10. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

Things To Do In Miami

The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in Miami’s Coral Gables district is surrounded by Matheson Hammock Park. The Botanical Garden will be a really great choice to visit on a sunny day. In the tropical greenhouse you can see thousands of exotic butterflies, fish and plants you’ve never seen in your life. In the edible garden, you can learn how to make your own garden and how to harvest the plants you grow. When you go to the Moos Sunken Garden, you can end the day with a magnificent, unforgettable and relaxing view.

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