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5 Colorful Cities To Explore From Different Parts Of The World

We all love to travel to different cities and countries. Dozens of different cities around the world await their visitors with places to explore and explore. Historical sites, museums, medieval streets, famous squares and bridges, as well as the cities that attract it, exotic culture and interesting lifestyles and interesting cities are the focus of our research for our holiday routes.

5 Cities To Explore

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

5 Colorful Cities To Explore From Different Parts Of The World

Amsterdam is a small centre of life like the Netherlands itself, which is an extremely small country, although it is described as the capital of the country, but does not have any characteristics in terms of administrative administration. The city started its life as a village near the river Amstel around the twelfth century and has reached its present name with the addition of the word “Dam”, which means “water Bendi”.

As a resident population, the city contains more than seven hundred and fifty thousand people, in addition to the people who come to work on a daily basis from the surrounding centers and the collection of tourists and more than one and a half million people.
The city began to acquire its historical structures between the seventeen and eighteenth centuries, and since it did not survive any serious war, it was able to preserve these structures and historical structures without any damage.
Located on the coast and containing many waterways, Amsterdam has a very different structure than standard European cities, and the variety of canal houses that are of great interest to tourists are also available to both locals and visitors. Each year, close to five million visitors visit this small but also fun city, where entertainment, culture and art tourism can be enjoyed at its peak.

2. Berlin, Germany

5 Colorful Cities To Explore From Different Parts Of The World

Despite having survived many local and global wars in its long history, Berlin is among the centers that have been successfully restored and re-raised.

Built according to current data, approximately four million people, home to Berlin, the spree and Havel rivers, densely populated modern city with a combination of nature nested between the local community and visitors as it comes it is possible to spend quite a pleasant time.
It is thought that more than two hundred thousand Turks live today in Berlin, which has a large proportion of Turkish citizens together with the work migration that took place about fifty years ago. While many parks and gardens can be visited during visits to the city, museums and historical places with different themes are also open to people’s experiences.

3. Vienna, Austria

5 Colorful Cities To Explore From Different Parts Of The World

Vienna, which is the capital of Austria and the largest city in terms of population, is an important center where art and culture elements are felt intensely in its past as well as today. The city, home to one million and seven hundred thousand residents, has daily study visits and tourists, bringing the number to two and a half million.

Vienna, which has been the center of Habsburg dynasty for many centuries, has also gained the distinction of being one of the most important administrative centers in Europe. Stephans Dom, Stefan Cathedral and many historical buildings in the Ring area, which is considered to be the old part of the city, still attract millions of people today.
The city has an extremely streamlined and detailed public transport network, allowing tourists to easily travel between their desired destinations without the risk of getting lost. The Art History Museum, Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace and Hofburg Palace are among the other popular visiting points, as well as Stefan’s Cathedral.
In addition, the Museum Night events, which started recently in the city and continue as a result of the interest shown, provide free access to all museums and historical sites for an entire night.

4. Las Vegas, United States

5 Colorful Cities To Explore From Different Parts Of The World

One of the largest deserts of the United States of America, the Mojave Desert, even though it is completely built on gambling and Night Life centre of life which is gained from the board on the structure of economic income that can be described as almost a dream city of Fame and Las Vegas, day by day, increase your reputation and more people continue to impress.
Las Vegas, from its inception until the beginning of the 1900s, was in a highly lagging position due to its presence at the center of the mafia and various terrorist incidents. Las Vegas became a casino paradise in 1931 with the introduction of the plan of Bugsy Siegel, a well-known mobster, as the casinos became legally operational.
Especially in the Fifties and sixties, the entertainment venues and casinos that opened one after the other showed a great influence on the importance of Las Vegas today. Because it is located in the middle of the desert, with temperatures near forty-five degrees in the summer months, the city has all the rest and accommodation facilities with high-level cooling systems, no matter the day and night, there is no problem.

5. / Tokyo, Japan

5 Colorful Cities To Explore From Different Parts Of The World

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of about thirty-five million. The city, which is literally a center of technology and production, has a much faster and more streamlined life than its counterparts in most parts of the world. The advanced sense of urbanism and the technological possibilities of the kind that amazes you.
Tokyo, which has been used as a port city in its history, has become popular over the past eight hundred years, mostly due to the influence of visitors from different countries.

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