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5 Great Dishes and Recipes In Spain

Another beauty of Spain, with its warm climate, friendly people and great places to see, is that its Mediterranean cuisine has exquisite flavours.

Tapas culture, fresh and abundant seafood, delicatessen varieties and delicious desserts, almost a gastronomic paradise in Spain, do not return without trying these flavors!

1. Paella

best spanish dishes-desserts

 Paella is a traditional main dish, usually made with seafood, saffron and rice, which is one of the first delicacies to come to mind when it comes to Spain. Besides seafood, you should try this unique flavor, which is also prepared with red and white meat varieties.

2. Tapas

best spanish dishes-desserts

Tapas, a culture of Spanish cuisine, is the name given to any kind of snack-tasting food served on small plates or bread that you will encounter in many restaurants. You can find a variety of tapas, including fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce, fried and salted mini Yesil peppers, fish and meat varieties, deli and bread-top flavors, in many restaurants in Spain, small and large.

3. Churros

best spanish dishes-desserts

Spain’s famous churros is a fried dumpling. The dough fried in The Shape of a stick is mixed with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Served with hot chocolate. You should definitely try this delicious dessert that will sweeten your rest breaks during your trip to Spain.

4. Gazpacho

best spanish dishes-desserts

This cold soup, where you will experience the most delicious form of tomato, is completely unique to Spanish cuisine. Red onion, garlic, cucumber, vinegar prepared with this spacious soup will love.

5. Arroz Con Leche

best spanish dishes-desserts

You’ll get a familiar taste, don’t be surprised! Arroz Con leche, a Spanish dessert prepared like rice pudding, will make rice pudding lovers very happy with its creamy and light flavor.

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