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Travel in Cyprus – Best Touristic Places in Cyprus

Travel in Cyprus - Best Touristic Places in Cyprus

According to legend, Aphrodite, goddess of Love, was born from scum at a point where the sea flows on rocks of the Paphos Coast. That is why Cyprus was called “the island of love”, a charm that had to extend long through legends as well as through History. Then, ambitious nations coveted its strategic importance, as well as its rich copper mines and pine and cedar forests.

Land where the sun stays all year round, Cyprus offers a total change of scenery, both by its rural, mountainous and marine landscapes. But this independent republic, both Hellenic, eastern and cosmopolitan, carries a wound : a real Greek tragedy is played on both sides of the green line that divides Nicosia, the capital, transforming it into a Berlin of the Mediterranean.

Travelling from East to West, from Ayia Napa to Polis, staying on the coast, does not mean having seen Cyprus. Stay on the island long enough to enjoy it. Visit the ancient castles, monasteries, mountain resorts, forests, admire the spring wildflowers, see the ancient agricultural methods. And especially do not be surprised if a stranger greets you on the street ; it is in the good manners of this country to welcome the stranger with a smile.

Note: unless otherwise noted, this presentation of Cyprus focuses on the southern part of the island, and does not contain tourist information on the territories occupied by the Turkish army north of the boundary line monitored by a United Nations buffer force.

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