Cheapest Food In İstanbul – Prices of Meal In Turkey

Prices of Meal In Turkey
Cheap holiday in İstanbul,Turkey

Exploring new places in university life has become quite a fun activity. Finding cheap and beautiful places as a return to student education is a trend that will not end. Of course, as cafes in Istanbul increase their prices every day, it becomes difficult for students to find cafes that are both friendly and affordable. So, in order to make this a little easier, we searched for cheap food and drink places in Istanbul for you. We tried to select places that were as affordable as we could, visually striking and easy to reach.

Before you go, we recommend that you learn these places thoroughly from the map, as we can not add some photos, investigate the location in detail from social media accounts, read the comments written about the locations.

Şişhane(Galata) / Karaköy / Beyoğlu

Prices of Meal In Turkey
Cheap holiday in İstanbul,Turkey

Galata and Karaköy are one of the most special districts in Beyoğlu. The first job of anyone who goes to Galata is to take pictures against the Galata Tower and go up to the tower. If you believe rumors, you can wait for the right time. And if you don’t believe me, we recommend you get to the tower as soon as possible. Karaköy and Beyoğlu are famous for their banks and historical buildings, with many cafes in them. Access to these neighborhoods is extremely easy. You can use the tram, the ferry, the funicular, or the subway if you want. Of course, let’s not pass the historic tramway that you can visit all the way to Istiklal Caddesi. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy it. Let’s come to places;

Papadopoulos Coffee Cake: It’s a pretty intimate and tiny place. All the food on the menu is homemade and fresh, carefully prepared. It has an affordable menu for students. For example, if you want to make breakfast you pay only 13 TL, if you want to make dessert+tea you pay only 5 TL. Sometimes they do goodies like ‘15% off students on toast,’ so you can catch those lucky days if you stay on track.
Satisfaction ravioli: a place that makes a difference to most places around it with its style, prices and especially the taste of its ravioli. There are many varieties, not just ravioli. Of course, we recommend that you try the very satisfying House ravioli. The prices of ravioli varieties are around £ 15.
Galata berth Köftecisi: Karaköy after a trip to the stomach rumbling the moment you can catch your breath is a great meatball. The menu is quite varied and environmentally affordable. For example, soup varieties 5 TL, olive oil varieties around 10 TL. After eating your food kemalpaşa 7 TL, rice pudding and 8 TL milk kadayıf desserts try to leave there happy.
Pango: Turkey’s first mini pancake shop! Its quality and performance are unquestionably beautiful. It leaves the surrounding areas with this difference. You can decorate your own pancakes any way you like. How you want! The price of chocolate sauce is 13 TL and on top of the fruit, ice cream, such as if you want to make adds +2 fee is added.


Prices of Meal In Turkey
Cheap holiday in İstanbul,Turkey

Besiktas; many museums, palaces, mansions and koru containing a variety of quite a district. After visiting the beach, you can visit these historical sites and relax in the cafes we write below. By transferring to the bus by Metro and getting off at the last stop by tram and, of course, you can easily reach this beautiful neighborhood by ferry with the wonderful Bosphorus air.

Çiçi Çiç Çiç Çiç burrito: “I love Çiç burrito, but my mother is away, I can’t do it,’ if you say, we invite you here immediately. It’s a warm yellow café that hasn’t been discovered yet. Raw burrito and puff pastry 5 TL, Samosa 6 TL and served with sauces.
Balkan restaurant: you don’t have to think long and hard about where to go after visiting Beşiktaş. The Balkan restaurant has the flavour to satisfy all its hunger with its extensive home-cooked menu. It’s a student-friendly, affordable restaurant. For example, dried beans 4 TL, rice 3 TL, soups vary according to the variety of up to 3 TL, pasta 4.50 TL has a price such as.

Cheese Bread Cafe & breakfast: a great breakfast place to start a beautiful day! Menemeni and breakfast are quite delicious and convenient. Menemen £ 8. Many types of breakfast are available, depending on your preference. The standard breakfast costs £ 20.
Hall of Fame meatballs: meatballs or halva? We seem to hear both of them. The meatballs are so satisfying and good, we don’t know if there’s room for halva. But if you don’t eat the semolina, it stays in it. This affordable halva, which you will feel as dense as milk, has taken the mind of all the departed. The price of semolina halva is only 5 TL! You should try it first chance you get!


Prices of Meal In Turkey
Cheap holiday in İstanbul,Turkey

Kadıköy is the historic district where you can watch Istanbul from another corner with another eye. It is a brand with its historical streets, book scribes, places adorned with its own culture, its fashion, Baghdad Street and, of course, the Bull statue. In 2018, British Time Out magazine included Kadıköy in its ‘50 coolest Districts’ list. We we are not surprised. Kadıköy also has a lot of transportation facilities. Tram, metro, Metrobus, marmaray and steamboat with a very pleasant view of Istanbul. In addition to these, Kadıköy is a full student district with its universities. Therefore, you can find many places that are affordable and quite tasty. Some;

Famous Menemenci: when you say Menemen, the water stops flowing, so we heard. Menemen menemen there are so many varieties, ” this is also made of menemen?!’ I do not, and you won’t. Prices vary according to the content. For example, sade menemen 10 TL. We feel like you’re dying already. Let’s eat menemen!
Pizza2Go: a mini-outrigger pizzeria with many types of pizzas. This place has quite delicious pizzas 31 cm large pizza 20 TL. Of course, as a different alternative, you can choose the zurna burrito or rice.
Bazaar Stone kiln: a perfect fit for students! With its flavor and presentation, it’s really a place to rock other venues. If we come to the prices: meat döner+buttermilk 8 TL, zurna Burma+buttermilk 5 TL, fish bread 5 TL have the appropriate prices.
Kadı restaurant: if you want to eat home food after a long trip in Kadıköy, we can recommend Kadı restaurant. This student-friendly place’s lentil soup 2 TL, dried beans 4 TL, pasta 4 TL, sweet varieties around 4 TL.
Bütme House: you can be sure that you will not get up until you are satisfied with this place, which makes a great taste of bütme Evi, where you can create your own bütmen. Butmeler 10 TL in general, you can pay 10 TL if you want to create binary mixing. There are also mixes of Trios, fours or even quintets.
Üsküdar / Hills / Kuzguncuk
Üsküdar is a place that gives people peace with its beautiful Maiden Tower. Sitting on the cushions across from the maiden’s tower, watching the sunset is an activity many people prefer. Üsküdar is easily accessible by metro and marmaray.
Frango: he is our number one with his inner ambience and presentation. Burrito prices vary according to grams. For example, 70 g chicken burrito+potatoes+drink 17 TL. You can choose according to your own taste, but 70 GR completely saturates and does not make it uncomfortable. We recommend basil buttermilk for £ 4 next to the menu. Basil Frango’s sweetheart!
Aşiyan book coffee: dessert, breakfast, food, drink everything is so beautiful that you will not be able to break away from the pink-yellow mansion-like house with this beautiful view. They also serve tea with teapots. It’ll be an unspeakable experience if you go with a crowd of friends. Breakfast plate 23 TL, muhlama 13 TL, such as the reasonable prices.
Vav Coffee: an excellent cafe where Turkish Art Music, Records, magazines, books, anologian cameras and nostalgia are experienced intensely. A beautiful cat named ‘Müzeyyen’ will meet you as you enter the cafe. Pretty sweet itself. As the student-friendly sweet Smurf spends time in the cafe ‘I want to open a cafe like this too!’ the dream can be imagined. Your support comes immediately from the cafe owner, ‘we’ll help you, as long as you don’t lose your excitement.’ they say. “Hungry Yav” has many varieties in the menu, but 10 TL, which is a remedy for the sweet crises of the gözlemesi and “Shukufe” named dessert is worth trying.
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