The Best Famous Mediterranean Dishes and Recipes Vegeterian

This article is about famous mediterranean dishes,mediterranean recipes vegetarian and mediterranean recipes chicken.

Fashions and culinary trends are passing, but this type of cuisine remains. It has proven itself through a multitude of scientific studies demonstrating its health benefits. Our best Mediterranean recipes are easy to make, healthy and tasty.

1-The best Mediterranean recipes: Tian with salmon

low calorie mediterranean recipes

Here is a tasty recipe accompanied by an assortment of vegetables and pure olive oil. Accompany this dish with new potatoes in a field dress, a crunchy green salad and a fresh baguette.

2-The best Mediterranean recipes: shrimp, tomatoes and Greek feta

low calorie mediterranean recipes

This simple dish, both tasty and healthy, is prepared with tomatoes and olive oil.

3-The best Mediterranean recipes: grilled squid with herbs

mediterranean recipes vegetarian

Squid always make a sensation. Here is a simple recipe idea that will delight your guests and family members.

4-The best Mediterranean recipes: spaghetti with oil and garlic

mediterranean recipes chicken

For this classic spaghetti recipe, use the ingredients you have on hand. Serve it as a main course with a salad, or as a side dish.

5-The best Mediterranean-inspired recipes: grilled oysters

mediterranean dishes

You don’t like eating this raw shellfish? This recipe is therefore ideal for you, because oysters are covered with garlic and persil breadcrumbs.

6-The best Mediterranean-inspired recipes: grilled vegetable salad

mediterranean dishes

This assortment of Mediterranean vegetables will delight your taste buds and help maintain the health of your heart.


famous mediterranean dishes,mediterranean recipes vegetarian and mediterranean recipes chicken,low calorie mediterranean recipes.

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