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Holiday in Rome – Rome Holidays 2020

rome holidays 2020
touristic places in rome

Yes, you will visit Piazza Fontana, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Venezia, Colosseum, Campo Di Fiori, Piazza Navona and others. You’ll love it, you’ll admire it!
But Rome actually means decking in the alleyways, getting a little lost, eating nice food, sitting in the squares and meeting people.…

There are countless restaurants to go to… prepare for surprises where you least expect them…

In “Il Ragno d’oro”near the Vatican, choose from the menu, or even say it all! Taste everything … and then a limoncello on top… You won’t regret it. Guaranteed satisfaction : )
Address: Via Silla 26 ,00192 Rome, Italy (Prati)

We couldn’t go to”Colline Emiliane ” because we ate so much at Il Ragno d’oro that we were out of shape. But you go, that’s guaranteed. : )
Address: Via degli Avignonesi 22, xn Rome, Italy

touristic places in rome
touristic places in rome

Eat pizza at the “Bafetto”near Piazza Navona!
Address: Bafetto 2, Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo 18, R106 Rome, Italy
Immediately at the entrance to Via Della Croce Street is the “Pastificio” on the left… They have 2 types of fresh pasta and are open from 12.00 to 14.00. But don’t stay until after 13.00, go paşa paşa line up at 12.00. There’s free wine with pasta. Then, like me, you’ll look for that taste in every pasta you eat. Nothing like fresh pasta…

touristic places in rome
touristic places in rome

Address: Pastificio, Via della Croce, 8 Rome, Italy
On the same street, Pastificio has “Fratelli Fabbi” on 2 shops, a deli… if you don’t have a pig obsession and you’re sick of cheese varieties, stop by… cut 2 pieces of your eye, immediately “panini”is ready. Bon Appetit.
On your way to the Vatican Museum entrances, there’s the most famous “gelato”cu on the right, take a frisk.

Drink plenty of “prosecco”; drink in the street, drink while sitting in the square… When you go, let the weather be nice, let there be music in the squares; drink from the Pantheon to the enchantment with the people you’ve just met…

Try Rome’s artichoke Famous, Fried one; it’s called”Carciofi alla Giudia”.

Stay near Piazza Navona … don’t go away for fun, don’t fall for everyone, local life is in Navona…
Remember what I said, but don’t rush Rome so I can go there and see this place…
Rome means “love” to me, but not that cliché; that you live in the streets, that you run and jump on, that you cry “yes” in Trevi and come laughing all the way to the Pantheon… surprise means “prosecco” and goblets coming out of the bag!

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