Cultural Tourism In Turkey- Best Touristic Places of Cultural

Turkey is one of the countries that will never have problems in terms of natural beauty. Natural beauty is not the only reason for tourism in our country, which has sea coasts, high mountains, extinct volcanoes, river valleys, steep slopes, flat plains and wide steppes. Turkey’s cultural tourism works in Anatolia, one of the world’s longest pieces of land with a human history, can not be ignored.

Lycian and Carian civilizations

Cultural Tourism In Turkey- Best Touristic Places of Cultural

Adorned with islets and wonderfully located from the shore, these ancient cities are best explored by boat. Knidos ruins at the tip of Datça Peninsula, Kaunos rock tombs near Dalyan and Xanthos ruins are some of the most widely known artifacts in these regions. If you are one of those ancient civilizations that adorn the most beautiful landscapes of Southern and western Anatolia, you may want to visit them again as the weather warms up.

Historical and Contemporary Art Works of Istanbul

Cultural Tourism In Turkey- Best Touristic Places of Cultural

Istanbul, which has one foot in Europe and one foot in Asia, has the characteristic of being a city where everyone interested in Byzantine and Ottoman history has always visited. His recent increase in popularity in contemporary art is one of the things that makes the city most attractive. Having made its name mentioned in various biennials and exhibitions, Istanbul is beginning to deserve its metropolitan identity by making cultural breakthroughs besides its history.

Nature Of Black Sea Mountains

Cultural Tourism In Turkey- Best Touristic Places of Cultural

With its mountains, lakes and plateaus running parallel to the Black Sea, it is an idyllic place for botanists, birdwatchers, butterfly watchers and all nature lovers. With its Caucasian Orchid, Dalmatian pelican and many more plants and animals native to this region, the Black Sea is also the perfect stop for a beautiful highland holiday or lakeside camp.

Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival

Cultural Tourism In Turkey- Best Touristic Places of Cultural

Under the stars, you can’t imagine a better place to watch a world-class opera, classical music or ballet performance on a beautiful summer night than a two-thousand-year-old ancient Roman theatre. This well-preserved open-air theatre has so many beautiful performances that you can forget about the enormous atmosphere you are in and completely lock into the show. It also gives a distinct pleasure to return to the magic of the theatre when the show is finished.

Ottoman Turkey

Apart from the important works in Istanbul, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a long time, it is possible to find great things about the empire that survived for a long time in other cities that were important to the Ottoman Empire. For example, in the old capitals of Bursa and Edirne, you may find plenty of Ottoman structures. If you don’t want to go back too far, you can visit the Dardanelles monuments on the Gallipoli peninsula and witness the last few years of the Ottoman Empire.

Ancient Anatolia

Cultural Tourism In Turkey- Best Touristic Places of Cultural

although Turkey’s Western-oriented cities have made industrial-themed progress under the influence of modernism, national identity is maintained in rural areas and the traditional way of life still affects everyday life. Anatolia, which was ruled by Greeks, Persians, Hittites, Assyrians and many other ancient civilizations, could not have been expected to wipe out this accumulation anyway.

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