Top Touristic Places İn Beijing-2019

Top Touristic Places İn Beijing
Top Touristic Places İn Beijing

The China Folk Culture Village in Shenzen

The next destination is Shenzhen. The China Folk Culture Village is, in fact, a theme park that in a way summarizes the important aspects of Chinese culture. On site, travellers will discover art, architecture, history and national customs in all their splendour. The hikers will take pleasure to walk the 30 ha on which was built the estate. Visitors will know that this is a miniature replica of the Twenty ethnic villages that make up the Chinese population. Among the creations of landscape artists are the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

Top Touristic Places İn Beijing

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park

To explore the first site, adventurers will begin their journey in the Southern district of Hong Kong Island. Ocean Park is one of the region’s major tourist attractions. The estate is more than 170 km2 and is listed as one of the world’s most popular attractions by Forbes. The site consists mainly of two sections : the Summit and the Waterfront.

On site, vacationers will have at their disposal more than twenty activity sites. Young people will certainly prefer the roller coaster, including The Dragon and the mine Train. The children will be delighted to visit the water attractions (especially the Raging river) during this tailor-made trip to China. Those who love thrills will find it a pleasure to sample the experiences of the Abyss (a fall of more than 62 meters) or the Whirly Bird (flight simulation device).

Top Touristic Places İn Beijing

Beijing Olympic Park

While the 2008 Olympic Games made China famous, it must be said that the leaders of the people’s Republic want the event to remain in the memory of all nations. The Beijing Olympic Park is one of those unforgettable monuments for both the players of the time and the travelers who will have the chance to visit it. Olympique Green (the other name of this site) is an 11 km2 estate consisting of a “bird’s nest” (the National Olympic Stadium) and a “Water cube” (The National Aquatic Stadium). Vacationers will be able to contemplate the originality of the architecture of this amusement park from the grande place fleurie. It is especially at night that the show is the most surprising because of the many lights that seem to adorn the huge building.

Top Touristic Places İn Beijing

The Botanical Garden of Hangzhou

To finish the tour, the Hangzhou Botanical Garden was chosen because of the calm and sweetness of the place. This green space offers the visitor a natural setting away from the deafening noises of the big cities. Hikers can walk through Yuquan avenue where Peachers and camellias give more charm to the landscape. In summer, lotus flowers give this place more colour with their pink and purple tint. La bambouseraie is also another place to be discovered where the 150 or so varieties of bamboo await the curious eye of adventurers.

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