Russian traditional dishes

In addition to its caviar specialities and its incredible variety of vodkas, Russian culture is full of small dishes and tasty traditions that deserve their place in our kitchens. Pierojki, pelmeni, Borsch, among many recipes, we have selected 7 specialities of Russian gastronomy to discover urgently.


Stuffed in The Shape of a slipper, filled with meat, onions, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs or cheese, pierojkis are eaten hot. Fried or baked, these individual pâtés are served as a starter or as an accompaniment.


russian dishes
Known throughout Eastern Europe, the pelmenis are similar to Chinese wontons, Polish pierogi and even Italian ravioli. These meatballs, covered with fine paste and cooked in boiling water, incorporate a stuffing with beef, lamb or pork, seasoned with pepper, garlic and onions.


russian dishes
Originally from Ukraine 
and adopted in many Slavic countries, borscht is one of the most popular dishes in Russian gastronomy. Rich and thick soup, it is distinguished by its bright red color, indicating the presence of beet in its ingredients. Adaptable, it can contain chicken, beef, pork, tomato, beans, mushrooms, onions, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and even cucumber.


russian dishes
Particularly popular in Russia, golubtsy is a recipe made from meatballs and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves. Cooked in the oven or by smothering in a casserole, this stuffed cabbage knows several variants, integrating prunes or modifying the preparation so that the cabbage is directly amalgamated with minced meat.


russian dishes
Stroganov beef is probably one of the most famous traditional Russian recipes in the world. Invented in the 17th century by Count Pavel Stroganoff’s French cook, this dish combines beef and minced mushrooms, fresh cream and mustard, and is traditionally eaten with sautéed potatoes and Russian pickles, otherwise known as malossol.


A mainstay of Georgian and Caucasian gastronomy, chachlik is a specialty of marinated mutton meat, cooked in kebabs on a wood fire. Accompanied by rice or vegetables, they are a festive dish usually prepared in the summer.


Between blinis and doughnuts, syrniki are presented as thick pancakes made from fresh cheese, or Tvorog, eggs and flour. Tasted lukewarm at breakfast or at the snack, they are accompanied according to the tastes of fresh cream, dried fruit, nuts, jam, honey, applesauce or red fruit coulis, known in Russia under the name of kissel.

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Russian traditional dishes
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