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Today, I am speaking in particular to those who have not yet discovered Turkish cuisine but who intend to do so soon.
In this article, I present the 10 dishes that I think are the most “classic”, but also the best that one can eat in Turkey. I do not, of course, mention very traditional dishes from particular regions of Turkey. In this list, you will only have dishes that you can find everywhere, and taste without regret !

But first, I just have an aside to make:

If you eat all these dishes in the space of a few days or weeks, do not be surprised to have to redo your wardrobe, because the Turkish dishes are good… but greasy !!! (proof is that I don’t weigh any more the weight I did when I arrived .

Without further ado, I let you admire these wonders and tell me in comments your favorites and those you could do without…

1 – Kofte

You can literally call them meatballs. There are many different types but the Classics are also very good! The recipe here!

2 – Lahmacun or Pide

Turkish Pizza as my friends call them, these little wonders have ingredients arranged on a dough, and are baked (preferably)… as for the lahmacun, they have mainly ground meat (+spices) as the main ingredient.

3 – Mantı

These homemade ravioli, stuffed with meat and served with yoghurt and a special tomato sauce are just cults in Turkey. You have to eat it at least once in your life!

4 – Borek

I had given you an easy recipe in the image here of these filth fillets that the Turks eat by snack or breakfast. Attention, it is very fatty, but that is what it is good!

5 – Mezze

Mezze are cold entrées often served before the dish or with a good fish. There are all kinds, you may know hummus, which is one of them. To consume without moderation!

6 – Dolma or Sarma

Ahhh my favorite! The dolmas are peppers stuffed with rice and / or minced meat that I gave you the recipe here.
The sarma are the famous leaves of rice-filled vines, as my friends from France call them. Very, very popular dishes that you should not miss. The recipe here.
7 – Sis Kebap

The Turks like to make their Sis Kebab by themselves, at the barbecue. Indeed, I confirm that it has more taste. If you test this specialty in Turkey, choose a restaurant where they make them on fire, in front of you. It is much more fun!

8 – Iskender

I try not to abuse it, but I love it! This is a dish with meat, small pieces of bread, tomato sauce and butter! + 1000 calories on the meter !!!

9 – Mercimek Köftesi

I also gave you the recipe for these lentil balls, fill them with vitamins and energy… I love it!

10 – Imam Bayıldı or Karnıyarık

If you like eggplant and ground meat, you will love these two dishes. One is served cold, while the other is warm. These eggplants stuffed with meat and vegetables, baked in the oven, are also a favorite Turkish dish not to be missed.

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