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Berlin is probably one of the most dynamic, alternative and surprising cities in the whole of Europe that we love to visit.

A capital with a Thousand Faces, where we meet face-to-face with the history and contradictions of contemporary Europe, where we meet people from all walks of life, where we dance on a flaming atmosphere in clubs, where the cuisine savours from the street delighted our taste buds, where the word shopping takes on all its meaning, and much more

1. Participate in the outdoor karaoke at the Mauerpark

Every Sunday, you can join the locals and listen to the most beautiful voices of Berlin fire up the alleys of the Mauerpark. And if you feel the soul of an artist, Don’t be shy, the Berliners will be happy to let you stage a song

2. Venturing into the world of Kater Blau

The Kater Blau is the place of choice for the alternative scene and the official successor of the famous KaterHolzig club. it combines small open-air markets, biergarten and club where you can dance to the music of the best DJs of the moment. It is its decal décor and good-natured atmosphere that make it a place unlike any other !

3. Enjoying the sun in Badeshiff Berlin

You might have heard of this giant container turned into a swimming pool ? If you visit Berlin, you can bathe in it as if you were in the river.
If you are looking for a quieter and more natural place to swim, head to Lake Plötzensee, just outside the city.

4. Delving into history

Visiting Berlin can’t make a little history. Those most interested will be able to walk between the blocks of the memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and immerse themselves in history. This monument situated between the Brandenburg Gate and the Potsdamer Platz recalls the death of the Jews during the Second World War. A place that is very symbolic to see absolutely.

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