Dal makhani-PUNJAB India

Buttery Lentils, Dal makhni, Kali dal
Although it originated in Punjab, dal makhani has become one of the most popular Indian lentil dishes, both in the country and outside of its borders. It consists of red kidney beans and whole black lentils, which also go under the name 
The dish is prepared with hefty amounts of ghee and various seasonings such as ginger garlic paste and chili, and it is slowly cooked in a rich, tomato-based sauce. The name makhani, meaning butter, stems from the last addition, a drizzle of melted ghee or butter that provides the typical velvety flavor of this classic.

The dish is occasionally topped with cream or yogurt and is often accompanied by naan or roti bread. Dal makhani is a restaurant staple and a mainstay on various festive occasion in India.

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