(German Meat Rolls, Rindsrouladen, Rinderroulade)

Rouladen are traditional German meat rolls stuffed with a variety of ingredients. They are always served accompanied by a creamy sauce. The rolls are usually made with long and thin beef steaks, which are pounded, generously seasoned, and usually covered with a layer of sharp German mustard, which flavors them and keeps the meat juicy and tender.

Traditional stuffing inside rouladen usually incorporates thin strips of bacon and sliced pickles, but there are many different regional combinations which might include carrots, onion, or bread. The steaks are typically rolled into small logs and secured with toothpicks.

Rouladen are shortly seared on all sides, then braised in a flavorful mixture of wine and vegetable or meat broth. The same broth, commonly thickened with flour, is usually used as the base for a velvety sauce accompanying the rolls. Potato dumplings, braised red cabbage, mashed potatoes, spätzle, different vegetables, or soft boiled potatoes can all be served as side dishes with this German classic.

Even though it is believed that the name roulade derives from the French rouler, which means to roll, this delicacy is considered to be an authentic German dish.

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