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Baumkuchen, Tree Cake,cake
The German version of spit cake, known as baumkuchen, is just one of many similar cakes found throughout Europe. There are various conflicting theories about its origin—one points in the direction of a German town called Salzwedel in the 19th century, while others say it’s a descendant of the Hungarian wedding cake.

The batter–typically made from flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt, and butter–is thinly coated on a spit that’s rotating over a heat source. Before each new layer is applied, the previous one must be fully dry. Once sliced, the cake has a lovely texture and appearance which resembles growth rings, hence its name–baumkuchen or tree cake.

The basic dough can be enriched by various ingredients such as nuts, honey, and brandy. The cake is often additionally coated with sugar or chocolate glaze. Miniature, cut up slices of this cake – called baumkuchenspitzen or tree cake tips – are usually glazed in chocolate and sold individually.

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