King Salmon Strips,FISH DISH SNACK


Hailing from Alaska, king salmon strips is a fish delicacy that is typically made with a species of wild-caught Alaskan salmon, known locally as king salmon. The preparation of this dish was a traditional way of preserving the fish that has long been practiced within the coastal communities in the country.

The fish is skinned, gutted, and deboned, then sliced into long strips before it is brined. Traditional brining uses only salt, such as sea salt or rock salt, but these days, other ingredients are also often added to the brine, including brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses, or soy sauce.

The cured fish strips are then allowed to dry on wooden racks in the wind for several days before they are cold-smoked with cottonwood, cherry, or alder chips. These days, it is a common practice to soak salmon strips in a sweet and salty mixture combined with liquid smoke for additional flavor, and then bake the marinated strips until hard and dry and enjoy them as snacks.

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