Chicken 65,चिकन 65, ചിക്കൻ 65,CHENNAI India

Chicken 65,चिकन 65, ചിക്കൻ 65,CHENNAI India

Chicken 65 is a classic poultry dish with origins in Chennai, India. It consists of deep-fried chicken that is marinated in ginger, lemon, red chiles, and a variety of other spices. There are a few theories about the origin of chicken 65. The most popular theory says that it was created in Tamil Nadu by A.

M. Buhari in 1965. Another one says that the original dish was made with 65 hot chili peppers, as a testament of manliness. There are also some unlikely theories, such as the one claiming that the chicken was cut into 65 pieces, or that the chicken was 65 days old when the dish was prepared.

Due to the dish’s popularity, there are numerous variations, and each South Indian state has its own version. In Karnataka, the dish is garnished with grated coconut, and in Andhra Pradesh, the chicken is cooked instead of fried. Chicken 65 is commonly served with hot, red chutneys.

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