7 Best Breakfast Places in Antalya

7 Best Breakfast Places in Antalya

Best Breakfast in Antalya

Antalya . 5. Turkey’s most populous city. Not less ice; Antalya has a population close to 2 and a half million. Parallel to the tourism activities in the summer, the incoming outflow is increasing every year.

A good breakfast is a good way to have a good day. We also recently said that we hardly add a new one to the searched breakfast lists. As you remember earlier in Istanbul except Bursa , Ankara , Eskişehir , Konya , Izmir as well as for our cities breakfast listings we did.

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From meat products to breakfast; pickles, sauces, honey, cream, molasses … All fresh and delicious from each other. Try the fried roasted egg for breakfast! Address: Caglayan, 2048. Sk. Antalya – Telephone: (0242) 324 30 60

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