Best Donut Advices for New York

Some donuts from Instagram account of Dough

Which one is better for you: “the Simpsons and Donut” or “New York City and Donut”? Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to research the best doughnut shops in Springfield; but we asked Reddit users for NYC and looked up the responses that came for you.

We had asked about best donut in NYC and thanks to Reddit users, we got a lot of options. They evaluate and criticize them. Sadly, it’s not a top list. On the other hand, you can evaluate them on your New York trip.

Our first answer was Doughnut Plant. The user said that they make everything from scratch, including the peanut butter icing. At the same comment, we got another option: the Donut Pub.

Dough in 14 West 19th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenue) was another suggestion and that advice got both supported and criticized. Peter Pan in Greenpoint was another suggestion and more than one user wrote it. And according to Reddit users, it might be best we guess.

donut in us
The Donut Pub

Another suggestion was Moe’s Doughs. A user said that it is open 7/24, also. Dunwell was an interesting advice. We had not heard like a “vegan donut”. If you want to try it, Dunwell has to be your destination.

Peter Pan Donuts
Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Krispy Kreme is also suggested, but it is a chain, so not the all users supported it. Another user also suggested Federal Donuts that is a chain as well.

Vegan Donuts in NYC
Doughnut Plant have two different vegan donuts.

According to Reddit users, if you prefer classic donuts, the Donut Pub can be better. If you’re a vegan or want to enjoy with vegan donuts, you can visit Dunwell and/or Doughnut Plant.

Please share your ideas, advices and experiences with us in Comment Box.

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