New Route for Train Lovers: Trans Asia Express Reactivated

Trans Asia Express reactivated after a long time. This train line is a popular and new option for both regular passengers and railway lovers. The line, which connects the capitals of Turkey and Iran, takes an average of 57 hours. The trains between Tehran and Van are ran by RAJA, while the trains between Van and Ankara are ran by TCDD.

After four intervening years, train services between Tabriz and Van were reactivated once a week in June 2018. As of August 2019, the distance of the line has been extended from Ankara to Tehran.

The train departs each Wednesday from Tehran and Ankara. It departs from Tehran in the evening and Ankara at noon. It stops in Zanjan, Tabriz, Salmas and Razi in Iran. Lake Van is traversed by ferry. The route provides a great view for all train lovers, photographers, and travellers.

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