The Top 3 Private Museums in Istanbul

We had already evaluated top three history museums in Istanbul. We’d like to introduce top three private museums, also. On your holiday in Istanbul, you may want to visit at least one of these private museums.

3) The Rahmi M. Koc Museum
Rahmi Koc is a famous and helpful businessman. The museum is established by his supports and it includes different divisions such as Ataturk, railways, machines etc.
It’s closed on Mondays.
(in Beyoglu, European side)

Rahmi Koc Museum

2) The Jewish Museum of Turkey
Jewish people had immigrated to Ottoman since 1400’s. They also brought their cultures, and it happened a detail of Anatolian cultural mosaic. Visiting the museum be nice experience on your trip.
It’s closed on Saturdays.
(in Beyoglu, European side)

1) Istanbul Toy Museum
If you’ve a chance to visit Asian (Anatolian) side of Istanbul, we highly recommend you Istanbul Toy Museum. In fact, just to see this museum can be passed to the opposite side. It’s a great destination for every age group. The museum is also one of the newest museums in Istanbul. The founder of the museum is Sunay Akın who is a poet, writer, journalist, and theater actor. According to the website of the museum, each objects were collected in 20 years from different antique dealers and public auctions.
It’s closed on Mondays.
(in Goztepe, Asian side)

Toy Museum

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  1. I love museums every Saturday I go to work every Saturday, I have a unique atmosphere of the features of the toy museums every time I go back to my children's soul is alive I recommend you.

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