The Top 3 History Museums in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey, and it is also the city that has been the capital of the longest time. It was the capital of four different countries for 1592 years. It keeps its own soul still and you can be witness of the history in different museums. It has its own soul still and you can be witness of the it in different museums. If you’ve limited time in Istanbul, you may want to see some of these museums. We evaluated different history museums and shared three of them for you.

3) The Istanbul Archaeology Museums
There are more than a million objects in the museum and it’s also one of the oldest museums in Istanbul. It includes three different buildings and each of them has own focus: Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Ancient Orient, and Museum of Islamic Art.
It’s closed on Mondays.
(in Fatih, European side)
the Istanbul Archaeology Museums

2) The Topkapi Palace
Even if you spend all your day in this museum, there is a chance that you will not see its all divisions. It can easily claim that this building is much more than a museum. You can enjoy with details of Ottoman sultans’ life in the palace. The palace was the home most of sultans’ and their families, and it was the center of the empire. The museum holds also historical art.
It’s closed on Tuesdays.
(in Fatih, European side)
Topkapi Palace
1) Hagia Sophia Museum
If you search history museums in the World, you should evaluate this splendid building also. Hagia Sophia Museum is in the first sequence of our list. The original building had damaged a few times (rebellions, earthquakes etc.), but it protected under all civilizations.
It’s open on all days.
(in Fatih, European side)
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