3 Reasons to Visit Edirne

We had introduced Hotels in Edirne in our previous content. When you are undecided about your travel plan, you can search some good advices and reasons. Here, we’d like to share top three reasons to visit Edirne…

According to different expectations and preferences, we can add new reasons; but we’d like to evaluate three different branches. We sure that at least one of them can be seen interesting for you.

1) Culinary Tourism ~ Leaf Liver
In Turkish, it is called by “tava cigeri” and/or “yaprak ciger” and there’re different alternatives for its translation in English also. Some sources preferred to use “fried liver” and others preferred “leaf liver”. The provincial directorate of the relevant ministry and the provincial municipality preferred to call it by tava cigeri. It’s close to fried liver; but we had preferred to use leaf liver in a content before.

Leaf Liver

This delicious food is made by bull calf liver. They also add some flour while it is cooked. They services it with a special sauce, onions and fried hot peppers. If you don’t drink ayran as a beverage, you can ask cacik for side-dish. (Both of them are yogurt-based goods)

Turkish oil wrestlers2) Cultural Tourism ~ Oil Wrestling
The Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival is organised every year. The festival does not include only wrestling. It has more: It has been decorated with different elements since the 14th century. Wrestlers (pehlivan) are the main actors, but its ceremony (pesrev), announcer (cazgir), music team (drummers and zurna players), traditional clothes (kispet) are complementary subjects.

If you want to watch this traditional sport activity, you should arrange your plan according to festival dates. It’s going to be between 1st of July and 7th of July in this year.

3) Heritage Tourism ~ Too many…
Edirne was a capital of Ottoman for a while. It was an important city because of its location. So, it flourished year by year. Most people think that there is only Selimiye Mosque and yes, it is an architectural wonder indeed. Thanks to Ottoman architect Sinan Aga, the city hosts this magnificent building.

There’re more than one mosque: Old Mosque is close to Selimiye and it is older than Selimiye, also. The calligraphy art on the mosque have to seen. At the same location, Uc Serefeli (Burmali) Mosque, Hidir Aga Mosque, Sitti Sah Mosque and all others can be visited.

Health Museum, Edirne

The Grand Synagogue of Edirne is also same location and it is a great sample of Moorish Revival architecture. The Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum is another popular destination in Edirne. The complex includes hospital, guesthouse, medical school, mosque, bakery, bridge, public bath and more. It is clear that it was more than a regular hospital.

Bridges are also attractive places for tourists and Edirne has too much of them. Both Meric (Maritsa) and Tunca (Tundzha) rivers pass through the city. Gazimihal, Beyazid, Fatih, Tunca, Yalniz Goz (Sinan Aga’s work), Meric et all can be seen.

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