Loyalty Programs of Airlines in Turkey

The basic aim of loyalty programs is to attract the customers again, and again. They provide gifts, discounts and other kinds of benefits. If you think to visit Turkey, it’s possible to fly with a Turkish airline such as Pegasus, Onur Air, or Turkish Airlines. We analyzed their loyalty programs for you. If you fly regularly to Turkey, getting one of them can be good.

The programs of Turkish airlines based on miles, points, and bonuses.

First of all, we have to inform you about these programs: They’re only classical examples, it’s not possible to call them by “rewards”. Even that condition, there might be some positive facilities…

Let us remind you, there’re six companies: Atlasglobal, Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet , Onur Air, Pegasus, Sun Express.

Atlasglobal1) Company: Atlasglobal 
Loyalty Program: Atlasmiles

Earning Miles by international flights are up to domestic ones. For example, if you buy a promo domestic ticket in economy class, you get 188 Miles. If it’s an international flight, the mile will be more %25 of it.

You can get a free ticket; but minimum condition is 7000 Miles for 2019 and it’s domestic flight in economy class. The maximum one is 40,000 Miles that is for Aktau and  Shymkent in business class. If you ask a free ticket, you have to look at the conditions. There are five different categories for both economy and business classes. Domestic, and four groups of international flights.

They provide four different card types and the classical one is Bronze. Probably the best facility of it is about your family. You can collect the miles in the same account.

2) Company: Turkish Airlines (and also AnadoluJet)
Loyalty Program: Miles&Smiles

If you a member of this loyalty program, you can get mile when you fly with AnadoluJet as well. Plus, Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance. So, it’s possible to get miles from different airlines. (Conditions have to read from their website)

They provide also four different memberships and first one is Classic one. Probably the best facility of the program is “award ticket” in all members of Star Alliance. They also celebrete you with a cake, if your flight is on your birthday or wedding anniversary. If you’re a MD, you should look at their Smiling Doctors program as well.

3) Company: Onur Air
Loyalty Program: Onur Extra

This program is really simple. You don’t need to look at different sources and call customer relations. You’re going to get 2, 4 or 8% of net ticket fare. If you buy promotional ticket, your points calculated by 2% for example.

You can get your free ticket by the total points. They don’t have different memberships and you don’t need a physical card as well.

4) Company: Pegasus
Loyalty Program: Bol Bol

This program is also similar with Onur Extra. The basic difference between Onur Extra and Bol Bol is point system. If you pay ₺100 for your ticket, you get 100 Bol Bol Points. They also provide points, if you check in online for example.

There is no different memberships and you won’t have a physical card, also. When you have minimum 500 points, you can purchase your free ticket.

5) Company: Sun Express
Loyalty Program: Sun Express Bonus

The program of Sun Express provides to earn points within a family in maximum seven members such as wife, kid, uncle etc.

There is a reward also: If you fly ten times in, your next flight will be free. If you want it in international flight, there must be minimum five international flights in your account history.

Which one is better?
There are some differences between these programs. And these conditions can assist you to decide which one is better for you. 
i. Where do you live in normally?
There is no mean if you apply a program, if the airline has not flight. For example, if you live in US, you can select only Turkish Airlines. There are mutual destinations also and if you live in Athens, Moscow, Paris or Berlin for example, you can apply minimum three of them. All of them are free.
ii. How many family member with you?
You can prefer some of them to earn more points, if you travel there with your family members.
iii. What about their partners?
You can earn and spend points in different companies such as hotels, car rentals, restaurants, other airlines, e-commerce websites, hospitals etc.
iv. How do you want to spend your points?
They provide different solutions such as upgrade or free additional services.
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